Who is Séan Thomas?

Welcome to my snake site: I am based in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. I have had a keen interest in reptiles from a very young age. This is always a work in progress, so send me an email if you have anything to offer or if you have any updates or suggestions.

*** An inaccurate naturalist is a pest and a danger, forever perpetuating illogical deductions and landing later naturalists in trouble. Damn and blast them all to hell in the most painful way.  C.J.P Ionides 1956 *****

Cape Cobra
Venomous local snakes
Dangerous snakes
Venoms - an essay
Scale counts
Index - scientific names
Index - common names
Scientific name - length
Common name - length
Phylogenetic Chart
Sick Cobra
Pillstrom Tongs & Hooks
Types of Dentition
Anatomy of a Snake
More Cobra snaps
Some myths about snakes
Sean's Photo Page
We, ourselves, represent the most ferocious animal ever to inhabit the planet earth.

Howard Hunt - Survivor of a Black Mamba bite.

And surely,
by whatever means of communication is available to snakes
the word is passed
Hey, I just met a man, a monster too;
Must have been, oh, seven feet tall.
So keep away from the long grass,
it's dangerous there!
- Ian Mudie

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