Sick Egyptian Cobra Treated

Recently a Kenyan snakepark, connected with the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi, sought urgent help via the Internet for one of their ailing Egyptian Cobras (Naje Haje Haje).

Séan Thomas responded to their plight.

Assisted by John Oakley a South African veterinary surgeon experienced in the treatment of reptiles, he was able to advise on surgery and a course of treatment for the stricken snake.

The treatment was, in addition to topical and intra-muscular antibiotics, the surgical incision and draining of the eye.

Here are a few of the photographs of the snake and the procedure carried out on it.

Sub-spectacular abscess
White pus indicates severe infection

A different view of the abscess.

Preparing for operation.

After intra-spectacular incision, draining the pus.

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Copyright: Séan Thomas & Eugene Griessel - Dec 1999.