Reptilian Snaps

Crotalus atrox
Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
From my own collection.

Dendroaspis polylepis
Black Mamba

Python molurus bivittatus
Burmese python
Heterozygous burmese pair for future breeding.

Naja nivea
Cape Cobra
Cape Cobra in the Kalahari and natural enemy, the yellow mongoose (Cynictus pencillata). It is nimble and agile and remarkably resistant to Cobra venom and usually prevails in such an encounter.

Telescopus beetzii
Beetz's Tiger snake
From Kenhardt, Northern Cape. Male. One of my favourite species of snake!

Homoroselaps lacteus
Harlequin snake
Found in own garden, beautiful snakes. Rarely grow to more than 30cm.

Chersina angulata
Angulate tortoise

Young male - one of the fastest moving tortoises in the world!!

Naja nivea
Speckled Cape Cobra

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Copyright: Séan Thomas & Eugene Griessel - Dec 1999.